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Class 1 to 12 Exams Should be Completed by Jestha

Published on 18/02/2021
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The government has decided to extend the academic session of 077 BS till mid-June. The Ministry of Education has formally decided to extend the academic session till mid-June and start a new academic session from July 1 to manage the late start of reading due to Kovid.

The decision was taken on Wednesday after the amendment to the Education Regulations gave the Ministry of Education the right to decide on the academic session in case of disaster. Spokesperson of the Ministry of Education, Deepak Sharma, informed that it has been decided to extend the academic session of 077 BS so that the classes and examinations from class 1 to 12 can be completed by mid-June. According to the previous arrangement, the decision has been taken to extend the time after the Ministry of Education has been given the right to amend the rules and regulations in the academic session till mid-April.

There was confusion over the conduct of classes and examinations as there was no formal decision on how long the academic session would last. There was confusion as to how long the teaching and examinations would be held at the school level. Similarly, the preparation for the SEE and Class 12 examinations was also affected.

Spokesperson of the ministry Sharma said that work is underway with the plan to start the new academic session in mid-June after concluding the academic session in mid-June 2018 and conclude the academic session in mid-April. He said, “We are working in the spirit of managing the long vacation and bringing it back to normal within two years.” He said the goal is to reduce the long vacation winter and kharif vacations and manage the academic session by running the school for 220 days.

Educational institutions that have been closed since April 20 due to Kovid-19 have started operating physically in Kathmandu only some time ago. Due to Kovid, the Ministry of Education had issued a directive on June 3 to provide alternative methods of teaching. Although some schools were physically operational months ago, schools in the inner city of Kathmandu have been operational since last January.

To be able to transfer school to SEE

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Students giving SSE this year will be able to transfer to school. As per the contingency action plan brought by the Ministry of Education due to Kovid, the students have been enrolled in a school near them and now it has been decided to transfer the school if deemed necessary. Due to the influence of Kovid, it has been decided to transfer the students from class 10 to the new school and from the school where they had studied up to class 9 if they want to give SEE, said Sharma.

Students can apply to the school and the school can provide information to the District Education Development and Coordination Unit. Earlier, there was no provision to transfer school to class 10. The Ministry of Education has requested the National Examination Board to prepare for the SEE examination in coordination with the states as per the earlier decision of the Council of Ministers. Today’s new magazine

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