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Changes to students Appointment, yes sir yes miss!

Published on 03/01/2019
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TSC Nepal Exam Guide

TSC Nepal exam candidates must pay good attentions toward the multiple choice questions. It is because the subjective question answers do not differ very much among the competitors. The only factor for the grading of the candidates is the objective questions. Hence we suggest all the TSC Nepal candidates to make good preparation of objective questions.

Collection of Objective Questions

Here you can find more than 500 objective questions of teacher service commission Nepal examination. Hence we suggest the entire visitor to share this article to your friends and relatives. At the same time to get timely notification about the updates of our website like our social media page.

Before changing the class, changing the way the teacher adopts the spotlight of the student, a new method has been adopted in the schools of Gujratara, India. In view of the first day of 2019, the students of Gujarat have been arranged to call Jai Hind or Jai Bharat when they are called a spot.

Last Monday, the Primary Education Directorate and Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board gave instructions to adopt the same method. It is mentioned in the guidelines adopted by the new method to create a sense of childhood devotion in children.

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According to the BBC, the students from Class 1 to 12 have been issued information to adopt that method. Earlier, the student came from ‘S Sir’, ‘Miss Miss’ or ‘Prajant Sir’, ‘Prajant Miss’.

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