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Certificate will not be Available Until Grade D

Published on 08/02/2021
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It is recommended to set a minimum benchmark of 35 in class 8, 10, and 12 examinations. It has been recommended that instead of forcibly being promoted to the upper class by taking the grade increment test from time to time, it will be possible to take the grade increment test for a maximum of two subjects at a time. The study task force on the alphabetical system in Nepal’s school education system has made such a recommendation.

The meeting of the National Curriculum Development and Evaluation Council has decided to recommend the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology to implement the report. Based on the decision, the ministry has to implement it.

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In the report received by EDU, it is recommended to provide the original certificate only after completing the minimum grade in classes 8, 10, and 12. The report clearly states, “After setting the benchmark 35, it is appropriate not to mention ‘Completed’ in the grade sheet of those who have achieved the lowest learning achievement.”

In the report, it has been clarified that the original certificate should not be provided unless the student has obtained C grade in the thematic or experimental side and D grade in the periodical or theoretical and has not completed the overall grade.

Member of National Planning Commission (Education) Dr. The task force formed under the coordination of Usha Jha includes Prof. Dr. Krishna Kumar, Director, Curriculum Development Center, Tribhuvan University. Parasnath Yadav, Prof. Dr. of the School of Education, Kathmandu University. Bal Chandra Luintel, Director General of the Curriculum Development Center Keshav Prasad Dahal was the member while Ganesh Prasad Bhattarai, Director of Pavikendra was appointed the Member Secretary.

A member of the task force requested not to mention his name and said that it was recommended to make arrangements for further study in the country and abroad without obtaining the original certificate and not to provide equivalence if anyone went abroad to study. According to him, in order to get the original certificate, the student is clearly recommended to join the next year’s examination or re-study in the same class if he / she fails to get the prescribed grade in the grade increment examination once.

The task force has suggested that internal and periodic evaluations or theoretical and experimental evaluations should be documented separately. After obtaining D grade in theoretical or periodic assessment and C grade in internal or experimental assessment in secondary education examination and final examination of secondary level, the overall certificate will not be given without obtaining at least D grade in each subject but grade sheet will be given to such students without mentioning NG grade without grading. It is suggested to provide only.

The task force has recommended evaluation in eight different categories. Currently, such an assessment is done in nine categories. The task force has recommended the removal of DPLUS and E grade. At present, those who bring 30 to 40 percent get DPL, those who bring 20 to 30 percent get D and those who bring less than 20 get E grade, but the task force has narrowed it down to bring D to 35 to 40 percent and those who bring less than 35 to non-graded. Is No changes have been made to the above.

It has been suggested to maintain uniformity of alphabetization system in all levels and classes without practicing different alphabetization system in the basic and secondary level of the school. The task force is of the view that the curriculum development center needs to set common criteria so that not only the grades obtained in each subject are mentioned in the grade sheet but also the teachers learn about the behavioral skills of their students.

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The minimum GPA required by the members of the task force to study at any level or class should be determined by the educational institution concerned. Students should be given a chance to increase their grades to get the minimum grade. He informed that it was recommended to make arrangements for giving grade promotion examination once in the subject.

“At the school level, the minimum base of learning achievement should be 40 percent in internal or experimental and 35 percent in a periodical or theoretical,” he said.

Students who have obtained NG grades in the Secondary Education Examination (Class 10) will be able to enroll in Prediploma in Technical and Vocational Trainer Education and courses like SOSRA. The task force has recommended that the students who have obtained NG grades in the education examination and final examination of secondary level should not be given the opportunity to study in the upper class.

It has been asked to implement the arrangement as per the recommendation given by the task force from the next academic session 2078 BS. “In order to achieve the learning achievement mentioned in the curriculum, the teacher has to teach activity-oriented teaching. For this, training and monitoring should be arranged at the local level, ”he added. Once the alphabetization system is in place, students who receive a certificate of completion of a class or level should be able to study in the upper class. It is not necessary to specify the basis of admission. The relevant legal process should be improved for the provision of filling in the learning achievement in the letters instead of the average learning achievement in the performance appraisal of the teacher. ”

The spokesperson of the Curriculum Development Center Ganesh Prasad Bhattarai informed that the council has decided to provide the report of the task force to the Ministry of Education for implementation.

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Education Deepak Sharma said that the ministry has received the report and necessary steps will be taken to implement it.

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