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Budget Bhashan 2077/2078

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The government spent all kinds of unnecessary spending cuts. Economist Yuvraj Khativadale Federal Parliament presented the Budget on 2077/2078 in the Union Budget. The revenue collection and contraction of the public expenditure was not done.

“Office operations, fueling, spontaneous internal and foreign travel, low priority seminars, seminar consultancy, bhapari expenses, furniture, ride instrument purchases, and repair expenses. Referencing the first line of work, medical practitioners, health workers and security personnel, Lageyatka, national servicemen, Arulai are provided with incentive allowance, extra time allowance, meeting allowance, food and food expenses, risk of all kind of allowance 2077 Saun 1 Gatedekhi Kharej Gareko Chu. ”

Public institutions, including universities, boards, establishments, rents, etc., should be informed about the public expenditure austerity guidelines issued.

Public spending review: As per the recommendations of the Commission, see the work-oriented and necessary basis of the work, and see Kamma Dohoropana, the public body of Kharez Garne in his speech.

The new appointment of Rokka Rakhne, the vacant court of the public body, must be told to them.

Public bodies providing basic services shall be given to the Government of India and the State Government and Local Teams, Central Government and Central Government shall be provided with a grant grant or an institution or a branch, and the body will not be provided with the grant of the scheme.

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