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Computer Fundamental Interduction

Computer Fundamantal Difination of Computer: Computer is an electronic machine that accept data using input device than store and processing them to generate desired output. Computer has basically three parts Keyboard or Mouse:- Keyboard is a inpurt device usually has many key keyboards. The mouse is a pointing device is usually

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Teach English through English

Student- Sir, how can I improve my English? Parents- Sir, I want to enroll my offspring into English medium community school. I want them to speak English. Teacher- Sir, how can I teach English effectively to my students? These sorts of queries are common from students, parents and teachers from primary level to

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The course of the English subject of the open competition examination of the Secondary Teacher, 2075

Section B: Subject : English       Full Marks : 60 Theoretical Concepts of Language Teaching 1.1. Theories of English language teaching 1.1.1. Empiricism versus rationalism 1.1.2. Behaviorism versus mentalism 1.1.3. Structuralism versus generativism 1.2. Implications of theories of language learning to language teaching 1.3.First language acquisition and second language learning 1.4.Factors affecting second language learning 1.5.Aspects of language teaching 1.6.Stages

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