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Applying a new syllabus to Classes 1 and 11, the integer is removed

Published on 19/11/2019
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Kathmandu: Technology has also been added to the subject of compulsory science being taught at the school level. The upcoming academic session will be followed by teaching science and technology subjects from six years. The topic of technology is added to teach students about the technology that is developing in the world.

Entrance Examination has been started in Nepal since 1959 and at that time ordinary science subject was included as an additional subject. After the implementation of the new education, compulsory science was included in the syllabus and from 6 years the subject was included in the entrance exam. Ganesh Bhattarai, Information Officer of the Curriculum Development Center, said, “In the age of information technology, it has been decided to combine science and technology with the aim of developing manpower that can compete with the world market. “

The upcoming academic sessions will be implemented as a new curriculum in Year 1 and Class 2 from the current academic session and new curriculum test in Class 8. Gorkhapatra Daily reports that science and technology subjects will be taught in grades 8 through 9. The new curriculum will be implemented at all levels within the next six years. Deleted integer According to the new syllabus structure, the law of integers has been removed from now on.

Since the beginning of modern education in Nepal, there was a whole system of integers. It has now been replaced by a credit card. Credit hours are set up in Classes 4 and 8, 8 hours a week and below. Students of all levels will be assessed in alphabetical order only.

According to the new syllabus, Classes 1-6 have integrated Nepali, English, my serif and mathematics subjects into integrated curriculum. According to the information officer of the center Bhattarai, the local level should prepare the mother tongue and local subjects and teach five hours a week. Similarly, the topic of Human Values ​​Education has been added in the curriculum of grades 8 through 8.

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At present, there is no moral education in Classes 1-6, and teaching of moral education is being done in Classes 1-6. Ethical education is a human value education. The business, business and technology topics currently being taught in Classes 1-5 are excluded from the national curriculum and are included in the local curriculum.

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