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All Annual Exams Must be started in the Second Week of Baikash

Published on 18/04/2021
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The professional association of teachers working in the Kathmandu Metropolitan City has drawn the attention of the concerned bodies to make arrangements to conduct the school level annual examination from the second week of Baikash, 2078 BS.

The union has recently issued a press release drawing the attention of the concerned bodies to make such arrangements so as not to waste the student’s academic year.

We have appealed to the school to conduct the examination in time and publish the results and to instruct the school to conduct the teaching of the new academic session through alternative methods if the state of transition remains after the publication of the results. The statement said, “We would like to draw the attention of the students to make arrangements for easy access to the internet while conducting teaching and learning activities through alternative methods.”

As the second variant of the Kovid 19 epidemic, which is plaguing the world, is spreading rapidly in the UK, especially in Nepal, the responsible professional bodies of the state have expressed their grief over the ironic situation.

The Ministry of Health and Population has repeatedly issued a statement saying that public health experts say that children studying in schools are at high risk, but no one has been able to pay attention to this.

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The number of students in the classroom is declining day by day due to the fear of parents sending their children to school.

The low attendance of students in the classroom also indicates that the students are not in the mood to study.

How fair and praiseworthy is it to conduct reading in such a difficult situation? According to the constitutional provision of the country, the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has delegated the right to operate and close schools to the local level, and the local level cannot take appropriate decisions in time. Ghimire said.

Dilli Prasad Sharma of the Unified All Nepal Teachers’ Organization, Kathmandu, said that it was too late for the concerned level to reach a conclusion as the students and parents were confused.

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