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660 customs agents selected after 21 years

Published on 30/06/2022
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The customs department has selected 660 customs agents for the first time in 21 years. According to the department, 660 candidates have been selected by publishing a notice in Gorkhapatra daily on Thursday.

Stating that the number of customs agents has decreased, the department had demanded applications for 660 agents after 2057 BS. More than 10,000 people had applied for the post. Despite repeated postponements, the department conducted the exams last month after two years.

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The government had decided to add 660 customs agents after the number of agents decreased due to the significant increase in customs and trade. However, the department had expedited the selection process.

Agents could not be added due to the significant increase in customs and trade over time. At present, 28 out of 38 main customs offices are in operation. There is a provision that the export-importer has to keep a customs agent for the goods to be exported and imported from the customs office or for the work related to the customs office.

Since the appointment of 56 agents in 2057 BS, no agent has been appointed. So far, 481 customs agents have been appointed. Of these, only 169 customs agents have renewed their licenses so far, according to the department.



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