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TSC Nepal Level 50 Object Questions [SET 3]


Here are Teacher Service Communication Nepal Primary Level, Lower Secondary Level and Secondary Level Questions. These Teacher Service Communication Nepal All Level  Level Questions are strictly based on new curriculum. Teacher service commission Nepal has recently published the new curriculum for the open competition.

According to the present system of teacher service commission Nepal, all the grade 12 passed students with minimum ten months training can apply for the primary level job. Here we give the online learning source for the primary level candidates of TSC Nepal.

Tips to Prepare the TSC Nepal Written Exam

Nearly all the candidates they have the same level of knowledge about the curriculum but the main thing is how to present the answer. Therefore the skill to present the answer in systematic way is meaningful in such competitive exams. There is huge pressure of candidates in this Shikshak sewa Aayog exam. It is because of the unemployment in the country.

TSC Nepal Objective Questions

There are 40 multiple choice questions for primary level exam. These objective questions are based on education. So we will give related objective questions here for practice. Hence we hope this collection of objective questions will help the TSC Nepal candidates for the coming exam.

These objective questions carry forty percent of the 100 marks paper. Now it is obvious that sixty percent is from the subjective portion.

शिक्षक सेवा अायोगको लागि १५० भन्दा बढी महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्नउत्तरहरू

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