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To be a teacher, should get First division and B+ plus

Published on 23/12/2018
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Higher level education commission has recommended the students to select secondary grade or minimum B plus grade in the post-grade level only in secondary level teachers. Anandal Post Daily is in the news that teachers can be able to cope with the selection process, and the members of the commission are unanimous, if the person is going to enter teaching courses and teachers who are educated from them.

Now, the person who is the first grade graduated in the SEE, who has read the academic faculty, and those who have passed the same faculty, have been accused of being a school education teacher.

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The government, which has formed the government formed five months ago, has attracted those who have acute wisdom in drafting, which can be appointed as a teacher by contracting a single training to those who get the highest score in the post-graduate level.

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