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लोकसेवा अयोग तयारी गर्नेहरूका लागि सुवर्ण अबसर….जानकारीका लागि एक शेयर गर्दै जानु होला ।

Published on 26/09/2018
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Lok Sewa Aayog (Public administration Commission) has distributed the yearly logbook of 2075/76 with respect to the satisfaction of different positions.

This logbook contains the data with respect to each exam which is led by Lok Sewa Aayog i.e. conditional dates of distributing of commercials, dates of the examination, dates of meetings and suggestion dates for both Non Technical and Technical classification, for Non Gazetted Officers (Kharidar, Nayab Subba and so forth.) and Gazetted Officers ( Section Officer, Deputy Secretary and so forth).

Post of Kharidar to be satisfied in indistinguishable strategies from of the earlier years.

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Lok Sewa Aayog will likewise satisfy the posts of Non-Gazetted Second Class Officer (Kharidar) through open rivalries and furthermore, inside by means of position and work productivity. As per Lok Sewa Aayog, the conditional opening date of the commercial for the post of Kharidar will be on the last Wednesday of Falgun. The Federal Civil Service Act had specified not to incorporate an open rivalry for the post of Non-Gazetted Second Class Officer (Kharidar) in the draft of Civil Service Section 8. The draft of the Civil Service Act is being assessed by the Ministry of Law, Justice, Constituent Assembly and Parliamentary Affairs.

70 percent of the posts of Non-Gazetted Second Class Officer (Kharidar) are satisfied through open rivalry. Nepali subjects who have finished their SEE/SLC can contend in the open classification for Non– Gazetted Second Class Officer (Kharidar).

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