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The course of the English subject of the open competition examination of the Secondary Teacher, 2075

Published on 25/05/2018
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Section B: Subject : English       Full Marks : 60

  1. Theoretical Concepts of Language Teaching

1.1. Theories of English language teaching

1.1.1. Empiricism versus rationalism

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1.1.2. Behaviorism versus mentalism

1.1.3. Structuralism versus generativism

1.2. Implications of theories of language learning to language teaching

1.3.First language acquisition and second language learning

1.4.Factors affecting second language learning

1.5.Aspects of language teaching

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1.6.Stages of language development

  1. Language and Linguistics

2.1. Definition of language

2.2. Characteristics of language

2.3. Levels of language

2.4. Varieties of language

2.5. English vowel and consonant system

2.6. Comparison between Nepali and English sound system

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2.7. Grammatical units

2.8. Grammatical categories

2.9. Grammatical functions

2.10. Error analysis and its implications

2.11. Pedagogical implications of linguistics

  1. Communicating in English

3.1.Communicative competence

3.2.Communicative functions

3.2.1. Socializing

3.2.2. Making a query

3.2.3. Getting things done

3.2.4. Expressing moral and emotional attitudes

3.2.5. Expressing intellectual attitudes

3.2.6. Imparting factual information

3.3.Form function relation

  1. Reading and Writing in English

4.1.Reading in English

4.1.1. Reading different types of texts a. Reading prose b. Reading poetry

4.1.2. Reading skills

  • Identifying explicitly stated information
  • Skimming
  • Scanning
  • Making inferences
  • Getting meaning of words from contexts
  • Identifying main ideas and supporting details
  • Giving title to the text
  • Identifying purpose and attitude of the author

4.2.Writing different types of texts

4.2.1. Curriculum vitae (CV)/Resume

4.2.2. Essays (argumentative, descriptive, and narrative)

4.2.3. Book reviews

4.2.4. News stories

4.2.5. Job application

4.2.6. Personal letter

  1. Grammar


5.2.Causative verbs

5.3.Conditional sentences

5.4.Modal auxiliaries


5.6.Reported speech

5.7.Tag questions



5.10. Voice

5.11. Coordinators and subordinators

  1. English Language Testing

6.1.1. Concepts for testing

6.1.2. Reasons for testing

6.1.3. Types of tests

6.1.4. Qualities of a good test

6.1.5. Testing language skills

6.1.6. Testing language aspects

6.1.7. Relationship between language teaching and testing

6.1.8. Designing test items for testing language skills and aspects

  1. Issues and Challenges of English Language Teaching in Nepal

7.1.Issues of English language teaching

7.1.1. Need of English language teaching

7.1.2. English as a medium of instruction

7.1.3. Linguistic diversity and English language teaching

7.1.4. Bilingual, multilingual, mother tongue education and English language teaching

7.2.Challenges of teaching English as a foreign language and solutions

Subjective Question Plan (Specification Grid)  Unit Scope of Curriculum Contentwise question weight

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