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भदौ अन्तिमसम्म स्वास्थ्य समूहको लोकसेवा खुलाउने तयारीमा सरकार



Kathmandu, August 9 The government has started preparations to open a Public Service Commission on health till last. The Ministry of Health and Population has said that it will open public services for health groups by the end of August, after finding out the exact statistics of how many employees are needed since the health group staff is now only six weeks away. According to the ministry, adjustments list of employees including AHEB, Health Assistant will be made public soon under the Health Group.

The health ministry said it was delayed to open the public services of the health group as it was too late to address the complaints of the 5,000 employees under adjustment. Besides, public service will also be opened for the newly added 5,600 wards. In addition, the government is preparing to open public service this year for various posts of nurses who have not been able to open for six years. When the Public Service Commission is opened, the public service will be opened soon after the location is fixed. The staff of the ministry was in a secret meeting so that the list of adjustments would be made public.

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