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Computer Fundamental Interduction

  1. Computer Fundamantal
    • Difination of Computer: Computer is an electronic machine that accept data using input device than store and processing them to generate desired output.

Computer has basically three parts

  1. Keyboard or Mouse:- Keyboard is a inpurt device usually has many key keyboards.

The mouse is a pointing device is usually has button on the top mouse is a inpurt device.

  1. System Units:-
  2. Monitor:- The monitor is output device is usually has display data, test, image etc.

Type of Computer

  1. Digital Computer:- Digital computer are the computer that we program and use the computer accept digital data process them and give a output in printer.
  2. Analog Computer:- This type of computer are mostly used for process control application.
  3. Hybrid Computer:- This computer are digital and analoge both computer.

Comparision between Digital and alalog computer

Digital Computer Analog Computer
Input On/off, 0/1 Measur elements
Output n/off, 0/1 Graphs Picture
Base On Counting Continuous Measurements


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